Welcome to Colchester Dance School

Brand New Beginners Ballroom & Latin American dance classes starting Monday 4th September 2017! Click here for details!

Colchester Dance School principle teacher Tim Emms is a highly qualified IDTA and UKA teacher and has been teaching for over 20 years. Tim has an Honorary Degree with the Associated Board of Dance.

It is our aim to teach quality Ballroom and Latin American dancing to all - from complete beginners to advanced dancers. We offer this tuition as either group classes or one to one private lessons.

Dancing is a great way to keep fit and a have a lot of fun too! So forget the Gym - Dance your way to Fitness instead!

Teaching assistants required

We are currently looking for dancers to help out with our group classes. If you would like to assist our teacher and take part in our group lessons, please contact us.

Absolute Beginners

Don't worry if you think you cannot dance, as we will teach you the Ballroom and Latin dances from scratch. If you have never danced before we will move you forward at ac1Q|0E }kFϯ^xkݻkY|A ]F`$ fj1kIMfHq~}FLV*e&ͅCFPCm{Bƅ *ª?!ԟ`7 @(<sIvH@ E(}ŭh"r{ (v A2f~=wzW{Gt!#b;إ~<< +f갢Eoµq@ʏ<@!Vl7/y)p%oWr}D. 7 }Fbqlb`ȷň )`kOx$J>;N _*{:d͇ 1ϱ+1Oze?@D"`UW|QDfnvټ4b~Ƌ@P@Ws9f_($D y2_ Y ۾_(PL髾_!d੅A^FtOF3?^Z`c [b8@;;2-p.Z? "saw<ɑrc3VVUFc!dQ9͏Ў@8 "w#7AS}~\8p/}?Q@wr71;M>C@iaD`Tq mX` 7mbط/8 Tx 0 mӋbb C*@qX /M1m9 %8ƪoBHyp;D^m[UQcQ q~L_|Gow{;E'UAP0w7z#p)H\.Q`WU>P?Z1A}FX$@>3duuUe<S\s\<\\_cN__M씵Ĺ ;"F_mn?ԹDfu.˙ ]+^^7Ƌ=qu[ *[//TUq5.7 89?[GċbЙQg.$hW3[ف[j8ݶoaGx0#7+b !ʓMW!#DrsA8pX?;_LRˏNsT_2^n:W.9l-?2in$TbfL{g+H47 m[Dٝqۍ绖Wi\ 8ywwwF >Ihot:\ˏkƘxaA^y۷,t?7+l)bSa+tpX}9(_W 0oon,=R{Nٿw|zu^Gs֩Z>w+zl:WٿG|Vf/8+h3pdM=4XM1Vފ:i61+d5E!!ڗQhQf_wG+Qf_}wu|'Ȇk~i^Q@E#  uz6?Yk͏ _yQ3K/D5wq"5M߇da+ٿ%VGqC~:1f!~￸1Yo{V @;`?a8#eDM+7u 0#ZX1I @*[b\ޅV:Mӽ-ڿW\;.A1ZQ^ףRn~^0U黸(0#/??_0ꚴ08A|Q`0Wώ%CsŀFo92}Pum5^ٶAh7,߆|4]]'w6W߄S_X`$;ABfZnokJ!jo!Fwto7>ws+7(׿V>G(w mi?/wv$.cM4ƟcҊFǿx᎙ ^Uv8J\+~q gёQ g7Wj"95{ "O0…7hJ%kUGZX07EUP)<. ‚P@8kh@@89\pO5i*$$!_!0(קM?Qnmu$솱yH} c:F]35!ڛ{㸢 +,CE0Cv9@Ά8˄ ؉b&Lr!lkkHFqQ#* c5o+)ZF(c 5p Y 0ĩ t8?no%|q!#:*oYV|\gz`0(U@" ѷ{Buw (`'LvnVb@`/M1l[k֪)PK36.vBܲ Р Qӈ9A!^-b8cj1B[[fA׬v0 k(幌Ur0WY3ZkSp2:ȣ ?opgO˘t{<^b%JP /M>b@b+f`ЀX͛w~q1 ? yjF9"u1QkY {Dh7{Vdz#<bpO1B4揍c0H$ 5@*8Z(Hj U7Gu* 3i0\ szֵҴ1L4IsԈ|KAp HA7M?AjtT QO[?j.y'`3A(s"@E;s|